Jobs in Thailand

Jobs in Thailand

Foreigners are sought for various employment opportunities such as Teachers especially in the English language who make around 40,000 Baht a month. Computer and IT professionals who have got experience ranging from coders to designers, webmasters and editors.  Another popular requirement is that of employees for media and editing jobs. The Bangkok Post and other media hire a few writers-editors for their companies.

Editing assorted papers, articles, and books often for Thai grad students on a freelance basis is also picking up tremendously. Engineering jobs (except Civil Engineering), Culinary professionals, foreigners who have other specialized skills such as Lawyers, pilots, investment experts, and others, are all opportunities for which the Thai government will readily provide visas. Another opportunity that is very popular these days is a number of musicians earning extra income from playing gigs in Bangkok. Working as Translators of the English language also fetches around 2,000 to 6,000 Baht a day. Note that you will need a work permit for this.

Quite possibly that it will be difficult to get a job at a Thai company for most professional positions, but if you’ve got the experience you may be able to land a position with a multinational company that has offices in Bangkok. Since you’ll be getting paid in your home countries currency and will very likely have all the benefits of an ex-pat package (retirement, housing, travel, tuition for children, medical insurance, etc) these are the best jobs around. Price Waterhouse has a lot of ex-pats in Asia as do large multinationals like Siemens, IBM, HP, and any petrol related business.

Thai people are polite, friendly and courteous when dealing with foreigners. They are known, like in other Asian countries, for their hospitality. Foreigners working here, however, should make themselves aware of the various customs followed and practiced. Some foreigners with families are also concerned about the standard of education, which they say is slightly lower than most western countries, however, the International schools which are located in places have got their education standards at par with amongst the best in Asia. Foreigners usually have a very good experience working and living in this place and are open to coming on multiple projects or jobs as this country boasts of a low crime rate, low cost of living, interesting ex-pat community from all over the world, local stores are well stocked with almost everything one requires, the country has got good infrastructure and an efficient public transportation system.


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